Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of collecting and using data

Collecting your data serves to provide you with user-friendly, efficient and secure internet services. We (SHOP) collect personal data whenever you visit the “Shopping Cart” area on the website. We use the personal data in order to provide those users who are interested with information. Furthermore, we generally process the data with the goal of improving our service and ensuring its security.

2. Collecting and processing personal data

2.1 Newsletter. If you wish to receive a newsletter we need to save and use your e-mail address. We will then send electronic messages at appropriate intervals to the e-mail address you gave us, which may also contain topic-specific advertisements along with editorial information on our products and services.

2.2 Contract. In addition to that, we will use personal data you provided to us for concluding and carrying out contractual agreements that you conclude in the webshop. We may in particular use your name and/or e-mail address for creating digital watermarks, i.e. to mark digital content (eBooks and ePapers) that you have purchased subscribed to in our online shop.

2.3 Web usage analysis. We will use tools of third parties in order to create so-called utilization profiles by using a pseudonym if you visit our websites as a registered or unregistered user. This implies that data will be collected and saved anonymously or under a pseudonym for statistical, marketing and optimization purposes.

2.4 Log files. Our web server does not generally store information when persons visit our website. Only if an error, other technical problem occurs or if a visitor carries out an action, certain data will be stored in what is known as log files ‌

3. Cookies

We use so-called cookies or other instruments to analyze the usage of our website. Cookies are small files which are saved on your hard drive and which provide us with specific information. This information above all includes the IP address, your browser type, the date and the time of your visit on our website as well as the cookie number.